Which Rat Pack members are you?

Which Rat Pack members are you?

Rat Pack, a fictional fan group that plays video games and other digital content, has its own Facebook page and is currently on Twitter.

Its members list includes the likes of Jason and Josh.

However, in the past few months, members of the Rat Pack have come forward claiming they’ve been sexually assaulted.

One member of the group, who goes by the online name of Ratlady, has claimed she was sexually assaulted by an older man.

She claims she was in a hotel room with an older guy when she was approached by a group of men, who grabbed her buttocks.

“It was like a slow-motion sex attack,” she said.

“They had been holding me down and had a condom on me.”

Ratlarky told BuzzFeed News that she had a “horrible experience” in the hotel room and that the group’s leader, who she claims is her “boss,” called her “fat” and said he wanted to “make me fat”.

He also allegedly grabbed her wrist and said, “Don’t tell anyone I’m in here.”

Ratlordy also claims to have had a second experience with a different group leader, also known as “the boss”, who she said had been trying to grab her by the neck.

She says she screamed and ran out the door, and the group member she said was the boss then followed her out of the room.

Ratladys account of her alleged encounter with the group leader was shared by members of Ratpack, who say it was taken down shortly after it was shared online.

“She said that she was being raped by an old man who was her boss,” one Ratpack member told BuzzFeed.

“He grabbed her by her neck and she was screaming, and he said, ‘You’re a fat, ugly, ugly whore.’

She ran out of there.”

According to Ratladery, she was the only person in the room at the time of the alleged assault.

“I was in the bathroom with the other two Rat Packers who were with me,” she told BuzzFeed, adding that the other Ratpackers also reported the incident to police.

“The first Rat Packer I talked to said, in her own words, that the second Rat Pack member was crying and was yelling at her that she shouldn’t be crying because she was a bitch.”

Ratpack members said the allegations of sexual assault have been shared widely by their Twitter followers.

One of the members of one of the groups who has spoken out about the alleged rape says that the Ratpack group has received messages from fans who feel “uncomfortable” about sharing their experiences.

“These women have not been able to speak up,” Ratladrady told BuzzFeed in an email.

“So I don’t think they have the right to feel comfortable talking about their experiences.”

The group’s Twitter account is also suspended, though it has since been reinstated.

Members of the organization have also reached out to the UK police for help.

“We are very concerned that the behaviour described has occurred in the UK,” a spokesperson for the Met Police told BuzzFeed on Monday.

“Members of the community should be able to express their concerns freely, however, if it appears that members of our community are being subjected to unacceptable or abusive behaviour, it is important that they contact police as soon as possible.”

The Met has confirmed to BuzzFeed News it is investigating the claims.

In a statement, the force said it is “looking into these matters as a matter of priority.”

Rat Pack has also shared the allegations with the police, who have launched an investigation into the alleged incident.

“This is not the first time that we have had allegations of inappropriate behaviour against members of this organisation, we have reported this to the police and the matter is now under investigation,” a Ratpack spokesperson told BuzzFeed via email.

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