Which packer has been the biggest?

Which packer has been the biggest?

Sports presenter Gabriele Soto was the biggest winner of the week, winning $1,000,000 (£918,000) in the 2015 Rugby League World Series.

The $10,000 prize fund was the first of its kind for the sport.

Soto has also won a total of $8.7 million for his charitable foundation, and is a winner of a total $2.7m for his foundation.

He was also the winner of $3,000 for his charity in 2017.

Packer-turned-radio host Peter Ryan, who has won $1.2m for a charity in his previous year, was the other winner of last week’s $10 million charity.

He also won $3.5m for the Red Bull charity in 2015.

Sota and Ryan were joined by former NRL players and a host of former AFL players in the pack’s inaugural edition.