When will this be back? The world is still waiting

When will this be back? The world is still waiting

The world’s first mass-market electric car is finally here, but it won’t be a car with a battery pack.

Instead, it will be a pack of five tiny electronics that sit in the driver’s seat.

The pack will be called the “Burberry Fanny Pack” and will be released in 2017, and it will have the same specs as the pack that will debut at the Paris motor show next month.

But the difference will be the batteries.

“Burbours battery pack has a capacity of 5 kWh, which is approximately a full charge in 10 minutes,” says the company’s website.

“With a pack like this, you have a full battery for an hour, so you can go out for a couple hours, or a couple of days, or anywhere in between.”

“It has a full recharge time of 10 minutes, which gives you the flexibility to drive for an extended period of time,” explains Michael Pack, CEO of the company that makes the pack, in an interview with Mashable.

The packs specs also include a GPS that is integrated into the rear of the car, a battery charger that is built into the dashboard, and a camera that will record the driving experience.

“There is also a built-in wireless charging system that will allow you to charge your battery pack in the car,” Pack says.

The company says it has raised $50 million from backers including Ford, Tesla, and Virgin Group.

It’s also partnering with several major automotive manufacturers, including Volvo, Mercedes, BMW, and Nissan.

It has received a $25,000 investment from BMW, which has plans to build an electric-car factory in the United States.

Pack says the car will be built at the Burberry plant in Leicester, England, and will have a range of about 120 miles.

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