What you need to know about the Patagonia Fanny Pack

What you need to know about the Patagonia Fanny Pack

Patagonias fanny packs are a great way to pack your body with extra warmth and help you get ready for a long-haul adventure.

You can easily pack your pack into a purse or briefcase and travel light with the Patros fanny bag, which weighs only two kilograms (4 pounds).

It comes with an extra layer of insulation, a small pocket and a mesh pocket for storing small items like snacks, drinks and phone chargers.

But, for more practical purposes, it can also make for a great carry-on bag.

To maximize the warmth of the fanny, the Patrons can be set up in a fashion called a Patron Stow.

This type of bag has two compartments, one that is zipped and one that folds flat to make room for the contents.

Each compartment can hold up to four items, like a notebook or an extra purse, and a removable drawstring bag can be tucked into one of the compartments for easy access.

The Patrons have an adjustable shoulder strap, which allows for easy adjustments to keep them on your shoulders.

To make this even more useful, the pack also comes with two extra shoulder straps that are designed to help you adjust the height of the backpack to fit the size of your shoulder.

Patrons also come in three different sizes.

A standard size is designed for the average size person, but there are a variety of sizes available in the Patron pack.

Patron XF is the most popular size, and it’s made for people between the ages of 18 and 30.

Patagonians fanny bags are available in five colors, from red to yellow to pink, and there are two versions of the Patroons Fanny Bag, one for women and one for men.

The fanny-sized Patrons are available at Patagonian stores in the United States, Canada, Chile and Mexico.

They can also be found online at Patrols.com, but they’re best for people who have a small wallet and are looking to pack a little extra into their life.

Patros Patrons pack is priced at $2,599 and comes in three sizes.

They come in a wide range of colors, including orange, red, blue and pink.

A full review of the patroons fanny packed is in the New York Times, but for now, check out the Patreons Patrons in action.

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