‘The Jungle Book’ Expansion Packs: 1,000 New Quests, A ‘Dirty’ Disney Pack

‘The Jungle Book’ Expansion Packs: 1,000 New Quests, A ‘Dirty’ Disney Pack

Exclusive to EW, Disney has revealed a brand-new expansion pack for “The Jungle Box” set for June.

The new pack, which includes a new character named “The King of Borneo,” is part of the Disney XD animated series “The Journey to the Jungle,” set to debut on Disney XD.

The new pack features the same characters as “The Box,” including The King of Bokor and his wife The Queen of Bora.

As part of Disney XD’s “The Journeys to the Jourands,” the Disney Parks Blog shared a teaser for the “King of Bokors” expansion pack.

The teaser included the tagline “There’s something in the sky, a jungle.”

“The Kingdom of Boon” is set in the same location and is also described as being a “new adventure” with “a new world” in it.

Disney XD has also revealed that “The Boonies” expansion for June, titled “The Battle for Boonieland,” will feature a new villain in it, “a villain that is a little too big for the human world.”

The series will also see new characters including the famous “Jungle Dog,” a “monster that lives inside the human heart” and the “Baron of the Jungle.”

Disney XD also shared a new “Dirty Disney” expansion, titled the “Disney Princess Dancer,” that will feature the iconic Disney princess “Princess Bora” and a brand new “Beauty Queen” character, along with the new characters “Bora” from “The Princess and the Frog” and “Prinsel Bubblegum.”