The biggest and baddest dog breed in Canada

The biggest and baddest dog breed in Canada

A top Canadian dog breed has been caught on video biting and mauling a puppy it had just bought.

The owner says she was afraid of the dog, but a veterinarian says it is the result of a medical condition and should not be considered a threat.

The video, released Wednesday, shows a young Labrador retriever named Max, who is being held by the Humane Society of Greater Toronto, biting the dog’s face and chest after it was placed in a crate.

The Labrador is a cross between the Labrador retriive and the American Staffordshire terrier, a breed known for its agility and endurance.

It is known for being strong and aggressive.

The Humane Society’s director, David Blanchard, said the dog was not dangerous.

“I’ve never seen anything like it,” he said.

“You could see the pain and the blood, and the way he’s trying to get up and go around the crate.”

The owner, who cannot be identified, said she was terrified of the animal, but it did not bite her or threaten her safety.

“They were really cute little dogs, and they were really good dogs, they just didn’t seem to want to leave me alone,” she said.

In the video, Max was given a shot of adrenaline before he was placed into a crate and put on a ventilator.

The dog’s owner said the Labrador has a medical issue, and she was told it would be taken care of.

But when Max is released from the hospital, he bites her again.

The incident has caused a furor online and in Canada.

The puppy’s mother, Melissa, said Max is a “bad boy.”

“I’m so upset and disappointed,” she told CBC News.

“He just doesn’t deserve that.”

Blanchart said Max has a history of bites, including one incident when the Labrador was bitten in the leg by another dog.

In that case, the Labrador had to be put down and a second vet treated the injury.

Blanchar said the Canadian Veterinary Association is working with the Humane Societies and the provincial animal welfare agency to help prevent such incidents.

“We’re working very hard with the provincial agencies and the animal control agencies to make sure that we take care of any animals that come in contact with this dog,” he told CBC.

Blancard said he has not yet spoken to Melissa, who said she is going to go through a traumatic ordeal with the dog.

“It’s very traumatic, and I have no idea how it’s going to play out,” she added.

“The whole thing is kind of sad.

We’re just trying to make this thing right.”

Melissa said she will never be able to walk again.

“There’s no way to put that into words,” she says.

“To lose Max, to lose this puppy, to see Max so helpless and then to have to take it off and put it in a box is so hard.”

The Humane Society’s Blanchs said Max should be euthanized.

“This dog is an endangered species and should never be placed in the hands of a dog who has not been assessed for health and temperament,” he wrote in an email to CBC News, adding that it was up to the provincial and federal governments to determine whether the dog should be released into the public.

The Canadian Veterinary Federation also said the animal was not likely to be rehabilitated.

“When a dog bites or mauls an animal, it is an acute medical emergency,” the organization said in a statement.

“Animals are protected under the Canadian Criminal Code (RCW) and must be kept at a safe and secure environment.”

Melissa, a retired nurse, said it has been three years since she took her last dog home from the Humane City in Toronto, where she has lived since 1993.

“That dog was my baby and my life,” she explained.

I lost a child, I lost my job, I’m still dealing with the loss of my husband, I’ve had to deal with all the PTSD that was going through me.” “

So many things happened.

I lost a child, I lost my job, I’m still dealing with the loss of my husband, I’ve had to deal with all the PTSD that was going through me.”

The dog is a Staffordshire Terrier, the same breed as the Labrador.

Blancheard said it was not known if Max was related to the owner, but he said it is a breed with an unfortunate history of attacks.

“People think that when a dog is hurt, that’s the reason for the attack,” he explained.

The Staffordshire is a very powerful breed.

The breed was first imported into Canada in the 1960s and has become a well-known breed among Canadian dog owners.

According to the Canadian Kennel Club, the Staffordshire was first listed as a “dangerous” dog in 1966, when it was the most common breed.

“Our experience in the U.S. and the U tok shows that the majority of dogs that are euthanased from the shelter system are a result of being

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