The 4 best vitamin packs: The Ghostbusters Proton Pack

A pack of vitamins, along with a small amount of protein powder, is all you need to get your body going on a vitamin journey.

It’s a great way to kick-start your fitness routine and you can easily fit in a few extra bottles. 

The Ghostbusters Proton pack is an amazing way to get the vitamins and minerals your body needs while you’re in the gym, and the price is right too.

It comes with six capsules in three different flavours.

You’ll need about six to eight capsules to get all the vitamins you need.

The Proton Packs are a great choice for anyone looking to kickstart their vitamin intake. 

They have a high amount of vitamins and nutrients. 

The Ghostbusters Prothon pack comes with three capsules each of vitamin E, C and E+ in a variety of flavours. 

Capsules of each of these vitamins are available in three flavours: green, orange and purple. 

These are the flavours most popular in the UK. 

This pack is packed with a mix of vitamins (including vitamin C, vitamin E and vitamin E+), minerals and protein in a range of colours. 

 A pack of supplements that is packed to the brim with vitamins, minerals and other nutrients.

You can also buy a pack of vitamin supplements that are packed with all the nutrients you need with a daily supplement, such as zinc, iron, vitamin B6 and vitamin C. Some people find this a great value, while others are less keen on the idea. 

There are plenty of different packs of supplements in this range, and you’ll find all the ingredients at a great price. 

A great way for you to get a good bang for your buck when you’re shopping for vitamins and supplements. 

Read more about vitamin packs and supplements: The 4 best vitamins The Ghostbusters Prothonic Pack is a great alternative to the Ghostbusters Propton pack. 

With a total of three capsules in six different flavours, this is a fantastic way to boost your health. 

In terms of vitamins you get: 1,800mcg of zinc (equivalent to a cup of orange juice), 1,500mcg of vitamin E (the equivalent of a tablespoon of orange), 1.5g of vitamin C (a little over a teaspoon of orange) and 1.4g of B vitamins (about a teaspoon) The pack comes in a large, durable plastic container. 

It also comes with a bottle of the Proton packs vitamin mix. 

Ghosts Prothonics are also a great option for those who want to try and get the best bang for their buck when it comes to their vitamin and mineral intake.

This pack of two capsules in two different flavours comes in three colours: green and purple, and comes in an open plastic bottle. 

Beware of the flavoured capsules that are included in this pack: Yellow (coarsely ground powder)  Red (ground powder with a little bit of spice) Green (flat powder with no spice)The Prothons flavoured capsule comes in two flavours: Red and green (both contain a little more than half of the active ingredients in the Prothonis flavoured powder). 

This pack is a great supplement for those looking to get their daily vitamins and mineral intake on track. 

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