Snack pack is back in Disney parks

Snack pack is back in Disney parks

Posted November 12, 2018 06:20:58It’s a nostalgic snack pack that will be coming back to Disneyland parks in 2019.

Disney Parks will be bringing back the snack pack in 2019 as part of the park’s Frozen Refreshment, which is celebrating its 25th anniversary.

In 2019, you can get a Snack Pack for $3.50.

The Disney Parks website says that it has a selection of different types of Snack Packs to fit every taste.

The snack pack is made from fruit, vegetables, protein and dairy products and is available at participating stores.

Disney said the snack packs will be available at Disneyland Park, Walt Disney World Resort, Disney Springs and Hollywood Studios.

The Disneyland Resort, which opened in December, has the snack packages for a limited time.