Pacquiao: ‘I was born with the dream’

Pacquiao: ‘I was born with the dream’

Pacquiao, Philippines – Manny Pacquio, one of the greatest boxers of all time, says his boxing career is “blessed” because of the help of a local fanny. 

“When I was a child I used to play with the fanny packs,” the retired Filipino superstar told reporters on Wednesday. 

When asked if he had a favourite fanny, Pacquiosaid: “There are many, I guess you could say I was born without the dream.

I guess I was only born in a small village in Benguet, Philippines.”

The legendary boxer, who won three world titles and five Olympic gold medals, also said his experience as a child meant he had no problem carrying a small fanny for the long haul.

“When you have to carry a small one for long periods of time, it’s hard to hold your breath,” Pacquiosaid.

“You feel the heat, you feel the cold, and then you need to carry your little fanny around with you.

I’m not a huge fan of the fannies.

I don’t think they’re very good, but if they’re useful I can use them.”

Pacquio also revealed that he was often carried by his mother during their travels, and that it was difficult for her to keep a low profile during her long and grueling boxing career.

“My mother was always so busy with the boxing,” Pacqiao said.

“She was always the one holding my hand and keeping me company, and she was always very good at keeping the focus of my mind and my emotions in check.”

He said he felt a deep responsibility as a Filipino boxer to help others, even though he has not won an Olympic medal.

“I’ve always tried to give back to the Filipino community, but my life is full of pressure,” he said.

“If I could do anything to help other people, it would be to be a good boxer.”

The Filipino star said he would always give back by being humble, as well as taking care of his family and friends.

“There are people in my family, my friends, my relatives, who will always be my greatest supporters and I want to repay them by doing good things,” he added.

“One of the things I always tell my friends is that when you have the opportunity, you have no choice but to help those who need it most.

I’ll do my best to be kind and kind to my family and I’ll help them to become successful.

I always take care of my own needs.”

The 32-year-old also said he had not forgotten his hometown of Cagayan de Oro, where he won three boxing titles, including the Pan American title in 1988.

“It’s one of my proudest memories,” Pacguosaid, who was born in the town, and who said he has always loved his hometown.

“Cagayan del Oro is one of those places where I feel proud to be from,” he continued.

“I’ve lived in the Philippines since I was five years old, and I feel like a kid again.”

Pacqiao, who also won two world titles in the ring, said he was also looking forward to the rematch with Floyd Mayweather.

“We’re going to fight on the same night and on the main event, so we will be ready,” he promised.

“But I’m looking forward.

I’ve trained really hard and I will do everything in my power to win.”

Pacway Boxing Championships, Manila (Jan 10-15)Tickets for the first-ever Pacquian Boxing Championships were available for purchase on Monday from Ticketmaster.

The event, which is taking place at the Manila Aquatic Centre, will be televised on TV3, Telcel, TV4 and TV5.

Tickets are priced at P1,000 (RM13,000) for Adults, P1.25,000 for Children and P1 for Kids.

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