Packaging company xbox strike packs tracker app gets an app update

Packaging company xbox strike packs tracker app gets an app update

Packaging firm xbox strikes a deal with the Microsoft Store to update its pack tracker app, which is based on its pack tracking app for iOS.

The company, which makes packaging products, will be working with Microsoft to bring its tracking app to Windows 10 PCs, and to other platforms as well.

“We’re excited to be working directly with Microsoft,” xbox pack tracker developer Andrew Bailes said in a blog post, noting that he plans to integrate the tracking app with Windows 10 devices.

“We believe the best way to connect with the Windows Store and to build the best apps for Windows is to build an app for the Windows ecosystem.”xbox pack tracking will be a paid app on Windows 10.

Microsoft will pay xbox packs to the app developer, and then it will take a cut of the revenue.

Microsoft doesn’t disclose the terms of the deal, but xbox Pack Tracker is available for free to developers.

Bailes didn’t specify a release date for the update.

Microsoft is also planning to roll out the pack tracking service to Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows Phone 9.

Microsoft has long been known for pushing its own apps on the Windows platform, and it is the most popular way to access its platform.

Microsoft has also been pushing its productivity suite of productivity apps and its cloud services on its platform, too.

Microsoft is now trying to make Windows 10 more appealing to consumers, and the xbox tracker app will be one of the first apps to receive this upgrade.