Nike Fanny Pack, Lip Gloss Pack and Herschel Pack have an even better name

Nike Fanny Pack, Lip Gloss Pack and Herschel Pack have an even better name

Nike, the world’s largest athletic footwear brand, has launched a new line of high-end fanny packs that feature its signature colorway of “Herschel” and the logo of the company’s women’s basketball team, the Fanny pack.

The new fannypacks, named “Herpies,” have the Nike name, color, logo and “P” on the back, and are made from polyurethane.

The company’s fannypack, which is priced at $100, is the latest in a series of high fashion offerings by Nike that have a focus on premium products.

The fanny line includes the Nike FANBOY pack, which features a pink colorway and a pink-and-white print.

The FAN BOY pack is available now.

The FANPIES come in two sizes, a “regular” version that includes the FANSHELL and the “high-performance” version which is made from nylon.

The “FANPY” version is $130 and comes in pink, white, red and blue.

The “Herc” pack, on the other hand, is available in a red, white and blue colorway, while the “Herpo” pack is $150 and comes with a blue print.

Both packs feature the Nike logo.

The Herpies are also available in black, white-and red, while Herpo is available only in white.

Nike says the Herpie pack is designed to be worn with Nike+ accessories and includes a lacing system for added comfort.

Nike says the fanny products have been inspired by the team’s uniforms.

Nike has teamed up with NikeFAN to create an iconic Nike+ apparel collection inspired by its uniforms.

The collection includes fanny hats and other apparel, as well as accessories for the Nike+ app, the Nike Sport and Nike+ mobile apps.