How to pack your rat-catching gear for the long haul

How to pack your rat-catching gear for the long haul

If you’ve ever been stuck at the airport for over an hour and just wanted to get a bite to eat, you’re in luck: you can now pack your gear for rat-hunting on the fly.

The airline has announced the first-ever rat-packing kit, which will be available on select flights on March 2.

According to the company, the kit will cost $150 USD and will include a rat trap, 2×10 foot steel bars, two rat traps, a rat collar, and a plastic bag.

The kit also includes a pack rat and a rat-repellent rat repellent.

The rat-pack will be a great way to get rat-tastes while traveling and getting a taste of the outdoors, according to the website.

It will be easy to transport and can even be used to help you get your dog to bed at night.

While it is unclear if the kits will be offered on domestic flights, the airline has stated that they will be on domestic airlines.

Rat packs will not be available in most international markets, though, as airlines have been hesitant to sell rat packs.