How to pack your bag for your next trip to Europe

How to pack your bag for your next trip to Europe

Pack your bags for your holiday, but if you want to get to Europe as fast as possible, you might want to consider packing a suitcase.

A new study has found that pack-carrying tourists can save more than $300 a year by bringing a suitcase with them.

The research was conducted by the University of British Columbia’s Centre for Tourism, Innovation and Entrepreneurship and has been published in the journal International Journal of Tourism Research.

In its research, the researchers compared the costs of carrying a suitcase from one location to another to the cost of travelling in a normal suitcase.

The study also found that a suitcase that has three sides and is light-weight, can save up to $400.

But the biggest savings for travellers come from carrying two suitcases instead of one.

Travel experts said that it is crucial to take advantage of these savings and pack a suitcase if possible. 

“A lot of people do want to travel on the cheaper end of the spectrum, and so I would say, ‘Yes, yes, yes’,” said Dr. Jennifer Sperl, a tourism researcher at the University, who led the study.

“But for the average person, it is worth it.”

Sperli said that the study shows that it’s a good idea to carry a suitcase at all times.

“We are not trying to scare people,” she said.

“People need to think twice before they take a suitcase on their next trip, because it could save them money.”

The study is based on data collected in 20 countries over three years.

The researchers surveyed a random sample of 8,859 people aged 18 and over and collected information about the amount of luggage they own, their shopping habits, how much they spent on their luggage and their daily routines.

Sperll said that for many people, carrying a large suitcase is not a problem.

“A lot more people think of themselves as having a very light suitcase,” she told ABC News.

But the study found that for the backpacker, who tends to be more likely to travel a lot, packing a smaller suitcase can make a huge difference. “

So I think the more you can carry, the less you have to carry.”

But the study found that for the backpacker, who tends to be more likely to travel a lot, packing a smaller suitcase can make a huge difference.

“For a backpacker who’s just going to travel for a short amount of time, carrying something that’s smaller might actually be a good thing,” said Sperls research assistant Dr. Christine Le. 

The research also showed that a bag that’s light enough to fit in the pocket of a backpack can also make a big difference.

While most backpackers have their backpacks filled with water bottles and snacks, Sperlin said that backpackers with larger bags might need to bring more food and a sleeping bag if they want to keep warm.

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