How to Install Terraria’s Terraria Texture Pack on your PC

How to Install Terraria’s Terraria Texture Pack on your PC

By now, you probably have heard that Terraria is getting a texture pack, and that it will be coming to Steam later this year.

The developer, who goes by the name of TerrariaTerraria, says that the new texture pack will allow the game to run at up to 60FPS on the highest settings.

However, you won’t get the game running smoothly on low settings, and there’s also some weird bug fixes, too.

“We’re working on some big fixes in this pack,” the Terraria developer wrote in a post on the Steam forums.

“We’ve been using these fixes in the past to make Terraria feel as smooth as possible.

But this pack has been much more involved, and we’ll have to test them out further.”

The Terraria texturepack will come in two flavors, the Standard version, which is the default, and the Terrarian version, with a few extra tweaks.

Both are going to cost $2.99, and will come with one-time download codes to download the textures.

Terraria also added a new option to enable or disable the game’s custom texture options.

The Terrarian texture pack is also going to be coming out later this week, which will also include the option to disable textures, as well as some of the bug fixes that the developer mentioned.

The game also announced a new free patch to go along with the texture pack.

You can check out the details below.

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