How to get rid of your jet pack dude

How to get rid of your jet pack dude

You’ve got a jet pack, a jet ski, and a motorcycle in your house.

Now what?

How do you go about disassembling them all?

Read More , as there are a few different ways of disassemblating them.

First, you can use a drill press or a rotary tool to drill a hole through the base of the motor.

Drill a small hole in the base, and then put the motor in the drill press.

Drill two more holes, and use the drill to get the motor out.

Next, use a hacksaw to remove the battery, the wires, and the wires that run between the battery and the motor (not pictured).

This is the same as disassemblinating the motor itself.

Once you’ve got the motor back in place, you’ll want to remove everything from underneath.

There’s usually a screw that holds the motor together, so take it off that screw and put it on the back of the drill.

This will remove the motor’s motor mount and the bottom of the battery case.

You can also remove the bottom and the battery’s casing, if you want.

Now, if your battery is still connected to the battery housing, you might want to check that the battery has been charged enough.

You should see a yellow light.

This indicates that the voltage has been passed through the battery to the motor, and that the motor has enough power to run.

This is also called the “charged state.”

Next, you want to pull out the battery casing, which is located in the center of the rear panel of the motorcycle.

This holds the battery in place.

There are three tabs on the bottom that are used to hold the battery.

Remove one of them and remove the screw holding the battery inside the case.

Then, pull out a third tab, and remove it.

This takes out the metal housing that holds your battery in the case, and lets you see how much battery is left inside.

Next up, you should see the two wires coming out of the case and going into the motor and the batteries.

Now, take out the two connectors that hold them to the case (one is the red connector, the other is the yellow).

Pull out the black wire and pull it out of there.

You’ll need to cut it out.

Then take a wire brush, a pliers, and some scissors to get to the black wires.

Now pull them out and the rest of the black is gone.

Pull the black out of one side of the panel and put the black back in.

Now you can remove the panel.

If the panel is still there, you’ve just removed all the insulation.

If you want the motor to stay in place by itself, pull it apart.

You may need to take a drill bit to get it to come apart.

Pull it apart, then put it back together.

You’re done!

You now have a fully functional, working motorcycle, with no wires in the battery or the motor casing.

Now for the fun part.

Now that you’ve disassembled the motor you want, you need to disassemble the battery itself.

First off, you’re going to want to cut a small piece out of both the battery cage and the circuit board.

This should look like a triangle.

Now you need some soldering iron and a piece of tin foil to solder.

Take a piece and hold it upside down.

Lay it flat on the surface of the solder.

It should have some contact with the solder, but not a solid connection.

Now cut out two smaller pieces of wire.

The two wire pieces should be about the same length.

Solder them together.

Now put one wire of each piece on the wire you just soldered to the solder to form a ring.

The other wire should be attached to the ring using two screws.

This works well if you have the same sized battery and motor casing as me.

Now take the ring and solder the wire to the two other pieces of the wire.

This makes a ring that connects the two pieces of wires together.

Then solder the ring to the wire that came with the motor case.

If you want a little extra strength, solder the second wire to a metal plate, or use some type of tape.

Now glue the two ring pieces together and you’re done.

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