How to get Republicans to vote for Donald Trump

How to get Republicans to vote for Donald Trump

Packer, a conservative Republican from New Hampshire, will be the nominee for the Senate in New Hampshire next year.

It’s a big deal.

I’ve never heard of a Republican presidential candidate getting nominated for a Senate seat before, let alone for the United States Senate.

Packer has never been in public office.

He’s never held elected office.

The idea of being a conservative icon for so many years is something new.

But he’s got a very big problem.

He’ll be up against a Democrat who’s also a member of the House of Representatives, who’s been in Washington for years.

I mean, this is the guy who’s not afraid to go up against the Democrats.

He is running against a person who will probably be the most powerful person in the world in a few years.

He won’t get enough votes.

I think he’ll get one.

I’m not saying that he’ll win, but he’s going to get enough of them to get a majority in the Senate.

He can do that, and he can do it.

But what about the Republicans?

If they’re going to give up on Trump and give up even on their core beliefs, then they need to start talking about why.

It doesn’t matter if they like Trump, if they don’t like him, they have to admit that they’re voting for a Republican candidate.

This isn’t going to be the election of the century, but it is the first time the GOP has nominated a candidate who has the opportunity to be president of the United State.

Packers name will probably bring out the best and worst parts of the Republican Party.

Packes supporters will see him as a hero and they’ll be impressed.

But there are parts of that Republican Party that will see it differently.

They’re going into the election thinking that they have a shot at getting to the White House, and if they do, they’ll use that to push for policies that will benefit their own agenda, not the policies of the Democratic Party.

I’ll tell you one thing.

This is not the election that I was hoping for, and I can’t fault anyone for that.

But I have to say that Packers chances are better than most.

In my view, he’s a very strong contender.

His base is conservative and his campaign is strong.

He has a very impressive fundraising operation.

He does a great job of getting the message out, but his base is not as big as it was before.

He did a pretty good job of tapping into the resentment of the working class voters in his state and then winning over that base in the end.

It could be that he can’t win over that core, because the Republican base doesn’t like the way that Trump and the Republican party have been run for the last eight years.

Pack’s campaign has a lot of good parts, but the Republican National Committee needs to do more to appeal to that base.

It needs to emphasize that it is a party that values the working-class and not just the affluent, but that it does not want the government telling them what they should be doing.

I agree that this is an opportunity for Packer to make some good points about the economic issues that are going to drive the election, and it should be his focus.

But his campaign needs to work harder on his message about the issues that matter to his voters.

It should be about what kind of economy they want to live in, not just what they think the federal government should be spending money on.

It has to be about the kinds of taxes they want, not only what the federal deficit is supposed to be.

But that is the problem with Packer.

It is his message that will drive the voters to the polls.

He needs to get to the people in his district and talk about the economy, about the deficit, about what the economy is supposed for them.

He should talk about how to get more money in their pockets and more jobs.

He need to talk about all the things that they can do to make sure that their economic situation improves and that they don’st get stuck in the hole.

It will be up to him to connect with them.

But the way to do that is to make it his core message, and to have a focus on what it is that they want in the economy and on what they believe the government should do to help them.

I hope he does a good job, because it could be a real asset.

But if he can pull that off, he might have an opportunity to win a majority of the state’s Senate.

That would be a significant shift.

I don’t think it will be that big a deal, because if you think about it, Packer is the only Republican who has won statewide elections in New England in the last 30 years.

And they’ve all been against Donald Trump.

I understand why the RNC has been hesitant to put him in the mix.

I see no reason to believe that they’ll go against the base, and even if

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