How to create your own texture pack

How to create your own texture pack

I want to share with you the tips and tricks I’ve found to make my own texture packs.

It’s been my passion for texture packs since I first discovered the site in 2013. 

I’ve made dozens of them.

They’re simple to make, easy to share, and always look great. 

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I’ve been working on a few texture packs recently.

I love creating them, and have been making them ever since I discovered the concept. 

Here’s how to make them. 

The idea: texture packs are simple and simple to do. 

When you create your texture pack, the first thing you need to do is load up the texture pack.

Then, you can upload the image to your favorite image hosting service. 

You’ll need to choose the quality level, the format, and the color. 

After that, the download will begin.

The first time I uploaded my texture pack to Flickr, the upload was completely broken.

It took me a day to fix it, but the process was a lot more effort than I thought it would be. 

But I wanted to share this with you now so you can have a go at creating your own.

I’ve already made texture packs for a variety of projects, including a flipbook wallpaper, and a high-resolution portrait wallpapers. 

So, this post is all about how to create a texture pack and how to share it.

The best part is that it’s totally customizable.

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What you’ll need: 1.

Photoshop, either Adobe Creative Suite or Illustrator.


PNG, or BMP, or JPEG, or GIF, or TIFF, or PNG, or .TIF, or .BMP, for the images (or you can download them from the Flickr website and use them as you see fit) 3.

A website (Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, etc.) that lets you download and share your texture packs 4.

A computer that can handle the image 5.

A mobile phone with a microUSB port 6. A scanner (I prefer the one you buy from your local electronics store)7.

A camera (for capturing the images)What you need for the texture packs: 1) A computer (Windows, Mac, Linux) 2) A scanner/scanner that can do automatic image downloads, or you can buy one (Google Photo Booth, Microsoft Photo Booth) 4) A printer (Microsoft Laserjet Scanner, Apple Laserjet) 1. 

A scanner/printing mat 2.

A microSD card (not included)3. 

An SD card reader (for reading the texture files)What to do:1.

Open the texture file (the one you downloaded to Flickr) (If you downloaded a texture from another website, you’ll want to rename it to something like texture_image.png or texture_picture.png). 

2 and 3 open the texture pack you want to edit (depending on the quality) 5 Select your image from the image library (the one on Flickr) and choose the size you want. 

6 Go to the texture settings (on Flickr, choose “Edit Texture Settings”) 7 Click on the Upload button at the top of the screen. 

8 Select the texture you want, and then click on Save. 

9 Click the green plus icon to the right of the image you want 10 Click OK. 11 If you’ve followed the instructions correctly, your texture is ready to go. 

It’s a little messy, so I’d suggest saving it in a folder called “Textures”. 

If not, open the texture and make a new folder named “Textures” 12 Copy the textures folder you made into a folder on your computer 13 Open the texture again and rename the folder you renamed “Textures.” 

14 Go back to the Texture settings and you should see a new texture. 

15 Right click the texture in the settings menu and choose Import Image”. 16 Click Export to File. 

17 Open File > Open Toolbar. 

18 Go into File > Save. 

 19 Close File and return to the textures menu 20 Click ok. 

If everything looks ok, you’ve made a texture.


You’ve now made a high resolution texture pack! 

If the textures you downloaded look too big, that’s ok too. 

Download the file you made and save it as a texture image. 

Open up the image in the image editing program and change the size to whatever you like. 

Now, open up your computer and save the texture as an image. 

 Now, go back to

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