A little blue packer’s journey to the heart of the Trump campaign

A little blue packer’s journey to the heart of the Trump campaign

A little red packer, Rebecca Packer, has a tale of two campaigns.

The first, as we know it, began when Packer went to her father’s home in rural New Hampshire to find out what the heck was going on.

She found her dad, a conservative Christian, and two other young men, a man named Jerry, and a woman named Karen, who had come out of nowhere to support Trump.

Packer was impressed, but she knew that the real Trump supporters were the Republicans who hadn’t voted for a Democrat for president in 40 years.

She and Jerry got together and formed a group called the Reagans for Trump, which quickly gained support from other Republicans.

Packers father, Joe, was a veteran of World War II and was now serving as governor of New Hampshire.

Karen Packer became a staunch supporter of Trump, but Packer knew that Jerry and Karen were still young, and she was worried about how they would be treated if they were attacked.

Jerry and the other men decided to stage a fake protest.

They put on their fake hats and walked around town in their fake shirts, hoping to provoke people.

Packering decided to stay with them for the duration of the protest, but when the two men were attacked, she and her father were forced to flee.

Jerry, who was now a conservative pastor, later told the Daily News, “I just thought, You know, what could have been worse?

I was scared for my life.”

Packer and Jerry eventually reunited in California and began to talk politics, but they were still fearful.

Packett told the New York Times, “The Trump movement seemed to be so uneducated, so uninformed, that I was terrified of it.”

They also had no idea what to expect when the rally began.

They thought the protesters would be dressed in blackface and be carrying signs that read, “Death to the Democrat Party.”

As the protesters got closer to the rally, Packer said, they were struck by the similarities between the protesters and Trump supporters.

They were wearing the same clothes, but it was clear they were marching to a different, far-right, and more radical cause.

The protest started at a gas station, and it went until the crowd turned into a march.

Packess told the paper that she was so nervous that she “fled to the bathroom to hide in the bathroom stalls.”

She told her dad that she didn’t want him to see the attack, and that she needed to take a shower.

She was also so scared of what she thought would happen if she was seen, Packers dad told the newspaper, that he asked her to leave.

She told him to “go out of the house and get her a new pair of pants.”

Packers daughter Rebecca told The Washington Post that the assault traumatized her.

She said she told her father, “Dad, I’m sorry.

I didn’t mean to do this to you.”

She was angry with her father and wanted him to tell people to get out of there.

She even went to the FBI, but her father never came forward.

She also told the Los Angeles Times that Packers face was covered in red paint, so she didn�t know if he was a witness to the attack or not.

Packes dad told The Associated Press that he tried to warn Packers brother, but the woman refused to leave the house, calling Packers family a �terrorist� cult.

He then went back to work as a pastor.

Packhers brother was more forthcoming about his daughters attack, telling The Daily News that Packer�s face was red paint.

He said Packer told him, “If you get hurt, you�re not going to tell anyone.

You�re going to go to the police and you�ll get yourself killed.”

Pack was also called a �racist, a traitor, a fascist, and, worst of all, a murderer� and a �stalker,� according to the Daily Mail.

Jerry was even called a traitor and a rapist by his wife.

Pack is the first of the Packers children to be born in the United States.

Her father, a retired electrician, said that Pack was the one who first called him about the attack and suggested they go back to the gas station.

She had no trouble telling her father about the incident.

He told her, “What you have to understand is I’m a big Trump supporter. He doesn�t need a woman in his house to go out and fight.

I want you to stay out of this, but I am your father.”

Pack’s mother, Elizabeth Packer-Loblin, also spoke out about the assault, telling the Daily Mirror, “My daughter, Rebecca, was attacked for being a little girl.

She is a strong, intelligent, loving woman.

She does not deserve this kind of treatment.”

After the attack Pack

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